How to choose a comfortable beach chair and purchase considerations
2019-05-30 01:47:53

Beach chairs are a type of lounge chair that we often use in the summer. We can rest under the tree and take a cool side. But there are many choices of beach chairs. Many people don't know what is the best when they buy beach chairs. Let's take a look at how to buy comfortable beach chairs and purchase precautions.

     1. The height of the recliner, the height of the recliner depends on the height of the chair. In addition to the bar chair, the height of the general chair is designed according to ergonomics, but the height of the children's furniture is designed according to the child's height ratio.

    2, the depth of the beach chair, in formal occasions, because the courtesy person's sitting posture is very correct, can only be a third part of the chair. However, in the leisure time, people like to lie on the chair and feel the comfort of the chair.

    3, the height of the back of the recliner chair, for the seated person can choose a chair without armrests or a chair with a lower armrest. It is better to rest the back completely against the back of the chair, so in this respect we may have to consider the height of the seat back.

   4. For the recliner with armrests, the height of the armrest must be considered when designing. The height of the armrest is proportional to the height of the backrest and should not be too high or too low. It is advisable to move around 20 to 25 cm.